‘Definition of Sex’ (45min) is a film based on my awards-winning photography project ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’.

In 2015 I started working on a project called ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’. It is a psychological art experiment inspired by the famous research by Alfred Kinsey. According to Kinsey’s Report, human sexual behaviour is determined by biological and social factors including gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, background and religion.

Based on the academic research, I invited volunteers to my studio and asked them to portray an alter ego of their sexuality. The volunteers participating were photographed. But the interview material prior to the photo sessions became just as important if not more. As a development from this project ‘Definition of Sex’ was born. A selection of the candidates were recorded as the basis of this film. They were willing to open up and share their life stories, fantasies, fears and desires. 

Within three years I interviewed and photographed 300 participants. ‘Definition of Sex’ presents 8 of these interviews from the project.

Stills from the film

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