Freedom is the state of not being enslaved to any ideaology and belief system

‘ELEUTHEROPHOBIA – FEAR OF FREEDOM’ is a project which consists of a film (11’11”), photographs and short videos. The project is exploring the concept of a New Human Identity which I believe we desperately need to be able to progress as a humankind. I realised that identity focused around ideology, belief systems and differences not only hasn’t been serving us as individuals but also has been continuously bringing more divisions and polarisation among all communities. It is very clear to me that there is a failure of the human project to give individuals access to the context and tools they need to actualise their full potential. Perhaps it’s time to consider replacing our identities by lived experience and joined aspiration as a humanity. Through my new body of work I would like to challenge us all with the question what does it really mean to be free.

STILLS from the film

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